Jobs for doctors in Norway – advantages of going abroad

Working as a doctor in Norway has proven to be one of the best decisions a doctor looking for a job can make.

Moving to a foreign country where everything is different and very advanced can be quite stressful and difficult, but it is worth the hardships. Doctors in Norway are one of the most respectable people – for the good job they do they are recognised as miracle workers. Seems like giving them the highest standard workspaces and decent salaries makes them actually care about the job. What are the main advantages of moving to Norway for a job in medicine?


Good payment and general public respect

As mentioned, people in Norway really respect their doctors and recognise them for all the good things they do for the society. Doctors are given as little patients as possible so that they can really focus on their problems and not be distracted by a hundred different cases at a time.

This system is one to be followed by every other country in the world. So far no one has come even close to the high standards they propose. Doctors do their jobs well not just because they have less patients. They are paid more so they are motivated to stay and help all those in need. On average, a doctor would make around $100,000 a year excluding all the bonuses and extra hours they can take. This is the thing most countries should do instead of arguing that the doctors are paid too much already.


Flexible, decent working hours

In many countries doctors work around 80 hours a week. 80! That’s twice the amount of hours a doctor in Norway has to do. Decent working hours are there to make sure that the hospital or the clinic is not the only thing on the doctor’s mind.

Norway puts an emphasis on work-life balance and constant education – something a doctor working too many hours wouldn’t be able to achieve.


High quality equipment

The hospitals in Norway are so well equipped it’s insane – even the smallest units are given resources to cure rare diseases and be able to handle almost all of the common ones. Whereas in many countries patient needs to be transferred to another facility for a consult or an operation with a specialist, in Norway even your local hospital can give you the help you need with some high quality equipment on hand. Shouldn’t that be a standard for everyone?

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