Workplace maintance in the care area easier – E-SSOM

Caregivers, especially in hospitals, have an enormous workload. They are constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently and thus have more time available to patients. The nursing staff often complains about the time required to log on and off the computer. Tools4ever offers the software solution E-SSOM Authentication Management with which this effort can be drastically reduced. The regular Windows logon is replaced by an access card with a PIN code.

This allows the staff to quickly access the information and reports they need. In addition, open sessions can simply be continued at other workplaces, so the staff can continue to work where they left off. When nurses leave the computer, the screen is locked so that the patient information remains protected and is not visible to others.

Tools4evers IAM solutions such as UMRA, E-SSOM or SSRPM are successfully used by well-known customers such as the Bavarian Red Cross, the Asklepios Group and many other companies in the healthcare sector.

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